Raffia Tape Stretching Line

HEAVEN offer Complete Tape Stretching Line with output capacity up to 450 kg./ Hour. Our Plants are fully automated with highest Control technology. We manufacture the plant as per customer’s Specific Requirements which gives 100% Satisfaction to our Valuable Customers. Our expertise in energy saving gives our plant to produce tapes at minimum power consumption (less than 0.5 unit / kg.). As we are expert of Woven Sack Processing Machinery Manufacturer & Technical Consultant, we offer highest PPR (Price – Performance Ratio) with lowest Capital Investment. That means minimum payback period & nearest breakeven point. We also offer performance guarantee. We deliver all Four Aces to Our Customer for their guaranteed win.

  1. Minimum Maintenance Cost.
  2. Minimum Energy Consumption per Kg.
  3. Minimum Investment per Kg output Capacity.
  4. Minimum Running Cost per Kg.

Next Generation Tape Stretching Lines from HEAVEN for Manufacturing of PP/HDPE flat tapes, fibrillated tapes and serrated tapes for many applications like…

Woven / Knitted sacks/bags, Tarpaulins, FIBC (Jumbo Bags), Wrapping Fabrics, Ropes, Sewing threads, Carpet backing, Geo and Agro textile and more…

Salient Features


The Single Screw extruder mounted on a sturdy steel fame with optimized barrier or high speed adiabatic screw ensures optimum melt homogenization and maximum melting capacity. Universal screws are the best choice for special applications with extremely low /high denier of tapes whereas Barrier screws are recommended for tape deniers used for normal sack applications. The Barrel cooling ensuring uniform quality of melt at higher output. The Screw is driven through highly efficient Helical Gear Box by Energy efficient A.C Motor, controlled by AC Variable Drive. Other attractive features of the extruder are grooved bush feeding, cold start protection, micro-processor based PID controls, melt temperature, back pressure indicator and pneumatic movement of the extruder.

Screen Changer / Melt filtering device:

Continuous screen changer, online melt filtration without stoppage of the line minimizes the wastage, downtime & number of stoppages, giving consistent denier and increased productivity. It has unique feature of giving alarm at screen/filter chock-up.

Extrusion T-Die :

The Coat hanger type T-die features optimum mass flow distribution and minimum denier variation across the width. The special configuration of the dies with higher cross sections gives increased heat inertia and power saving and melt flow channels inside the die give optimum melt distribution. The surface of the final product can be varied by the use of smooth or profiled die lip. Hard chrome plated, mirror finish melt channels in the die and outside die surface is flash chrome.

Water Quenching Tank:

Stainless Steel fabricated water quench Tank. Unique Water tank flow management for uniform quenching of the film offers minimum turbulence for the film, which is being cooled and the water level can be adjusted relative to the die. A temperature Indicator is provided for maintaining precise temperature of the water in the water bath.

Film Take – up:

Precisely machined, Optimized film take-up with Nip Roller, designed for low and high denier tapes. Take off unit equipped with specially designed water removal system from the film, ensures drying of the film at high operating speeds to avoid water carrying.

Film Slitter:

We supply Six station index able slitter, ensures vibration-free cutting of film into tapes and extended utilization of blades. Worn out station of this six station index able slitter can be shifted to a new station through manual operation of the indexing wheel while the machine is in operation thus ensuring uninterrupted production and reduced wastages. It comes with very precisely grinded metal Spacers of your size.

Holding Unit / 1st Godet Unit:

Holding unit is of rugged movac design for longer life and vibration free operation. Mirror finish, hard chrome plated 320mm diameter rollers make it easier to operate at high line speeds. It’s positively driven nip rubber roller ensures slip free stretching of the tapes. AC frequency variable drive fitted for energy saving and batter control.

Edge Trim Recycling Unit:

Side trim are pneumatically conveyed to a large shredder and the ground flacks are conveyed to the extruder through a cyclone separator. Lowest Power consumption among in class. Innovative technology for lowest power consumption and lowest maintenance cost. Unique side cutting design for guaranteed cutting.

Hot Air Oven:

The highest energy efficient Hot Air Oven with independent blowers for upper and lower level air circulation is characterized by extremely uniform temperature profiles of ± 1°C and length up to 8 meters for Better Heating of the tapes at higher line speeds and at higher outputs. This gives uniform tape quality over the entire operating width of the tape stretching line. Ceramic fibre insulation on all sides to Prevent Heat Loss. Innovative and ahead than rest, up to 40% Energy Saver, Dual Heating System – Electric Heating and Gas (LPG / PNG) heating.

Combined Stretching & Annealing Unit / 2nd and 3rd Godet Unit:

Combined stretching and annealing unit are of rugged movac design for longer life and vibration free operation. It is designed for maximum operating speeds of 400Mtr/min .The combined stretching & annealing unit has independent drives for stretching and annealing. The configuration of godets can be arranged as per requirements of the end products of the customers by providing a mix of normal, hot and cool godets. The water cooled godets ensure constant normal temperature of the tapes arriving at the Cheese winders. Our Tapelines are with AC frequency variable drive for energy saving and batter control.

Tape Extraction/Aspiration Unit:

The concept of combined vacuum suction box for first and discharge side of second godet is accomplished for power saving. The tape extraction unit with suction nozzle at the exit of the holding unit and of the annealing unit with piping up to the waste collection box and with mounted suction blower is provided as standard.

Optional Equipments

Dosing and Mixing Unit:

Three component dosing and mixing unit is used for conveying material proportionately as per programming to the hopper of the extruder.

Melt/Gear Pump:

Melt pump is used to neutralize the effect of surging in the extruder and ensure uniform delivery of melt to the die. It reduces the denier variation in the machine direction.

Extended Hot Air Oven:

Extended hot air oven is recommended for HDPE tape processing and for higher speed tapelines for uniform and proper orientation.

Bigger Size Hot Plate:

Extended hot air oven is recommended for HDPE tape processing at higher speeds for uniform and proper orientation.

Additional Stretching/Godet Unit:

Additional stretching unit with three heated godets is recommended for the requirement of tapes with lower residual shrinkage.


Fibrillator unit is placed between the hot air oven and the combined stretching & annealing unit for production of fibrillated tapes. The needle roller has an independent drive. The needle bars of desired pitch can be user selected and are replaceable. The design also allows production of fibrillated and non-fibrillated tapes together.

Centralized Computer Control Unit with HMI:

In the centralized computer control system the automatic control of temperature with optimization and precise speed adjustment of drives of all the units is easily obtained. The computer performs other functions like displays the trend of melt pressure/temperature in graphic or tabular form.


  • Fertilizer Bag
  • Chemicals Bag
  • Cement Bag
  • Packaging of Onions, Potatoes, Garlic, Groundnuts,
  • Rice Bag
  • Sugar Bag
  • Flour Food Bag
  • Fruits & Vegetables Etc.
  • Tarpaulin For Monsoon Sheds
  • Paper, Textile Bag
  • Bird Feed / Dog Feed / Cat Feed / Horse Feed / Bird Seeds
  • General Purpose Packing Bag

Technical Specification

Raffia Tape Stretching Line FET-TSL 70-150 FET-TSL 75-200 FET-TSL 80-250 FET-TSL 90-350 FET-TSL 100-400 FET-TSL 100-450
SCREW Die (MM) 70 75 80 90 100 110
L/D Ratio 32:1 32:1 32:1 32:1 32:1 32:1
Die Width (MM) 800 900 1100 1300 1300 1500
Max. Output PP  (KG/Hr.) HDPE 150 135 200 170 250 230 350 315 400 365 450 410
Mani Drive 45KW 56KW 75KW 110KW 110KW 150KW
NO of Cheese Winder 130 Nos. 150 Nos. 180 Nos. 220 Nos. 220 Nos. 255 Nos.
Max. Line Speed (MPM) 280 280 350 350 350 350
Total Connected Load  With inverter Winder 149.77 KW 181.37 KW 206.07 KW 293.72 KW 303.52 KW 371.15 KW
Tape Plant Dimension with Winders (MM) 25152 (L) 3925 (W) 5280 (H) 2575(L) 3925(W) 5280(H) 27435(L) 3925(W) 5280(H) 28825(L) 3925(W) 5380(H) 28825(L) 3925(W) 5380(H) 31370(L) 3925(W) 5380(H)