Plant Upgradation

Hi speed “MOVAC” Godets Roller Unit

We manufacture latest Movac Design Goddet Units for line speed up to 400 Meters / Minute.

We manufacture all required size & all type of Goddet units which includes combined Annealing & Stretching unit with leakage free heating & cooling rollers.

Features and Advantages

  • Our unique design gives jerk free & very smooth working of rollers.
  • Its rollers are Dynamically Balanced, heavy duty & highly accurate for smooth operation.
  • Its rollers are well grinded & hard chrome plated for its durability.
  • We give both the finishes – Mirror & Matt.
  • All the rollers are mounted on heavy duty 30mm. plate with solid structure.
  • It comes with high strength rubber roller with its smooth up/down pneumatic Mechanism.
  • We give flat nylon sandwiched belts with flat pulleys for trouble free transmission.
  • We give in line helical gear boxes for energy efficient Transmission.
  • Comes with Two Cold Rolls along with Rotary Unions for chilled water circulation, which gives Better Shrinkage control, Strength and Surface finish of the Tape.
  • We give Branded In-line Helical Gear Boxes for Energy Saving and trouble free working.
  • We give Branded A.C Motors as per Customer’s requirement.
  • Comfortable Speed Range for Stretching Rollers – up to 400 meter/min. for Annealing Rollers – up to 380 meter/min.
  • It is suitable for all make tape plants irrespective of its production capacity.

Extrusion Die

HEAVEN, a Quality and Reliable supplier in flat die technology, each one will fully meet rigorous customer requirement.

Flat die features:

  • Superior coat hanger die geometry with heavier cross section
  • With International Standards for Accuracy of the film gauge variation
  • Hard chrome plating with special technology guarantees highest surface quality and flatness, external die surfaces flash chromed.
  • Flexible die lip, opening ranges from 0.0 to 1.0 mm approx.
  • Superior Manifold design without stagnation.
  • Sealed edge design effectively reduce waste generation, eliminates burrs while increasing overall efficiency.
  • Our all Flat Die has selected body dimensions for optimal mechanical strength and thermal stability.

Die Remanufacturing / Reconditioning:

In today’s competitive environment, extrusion processors are turning to die reconditioning. HEAVEN, offers a full range of reconditioning services, from basic cleaning and inspection to complete re-engineering.

Improve Quality by repairing /refurbishing the die, we follow ten basic following Steps…

  1. Disassemble die and clean all parts.
  2. Inspect, evaluate and consult with customer.
  3. Strip away Plating (Depleting of Die).
  4. Repair Worn or Damaged Surfaces.
  5. Replace worn or failed electrical and mechanical parts.
  6. Refinish flow surfaces.
  7. Regrind body seals, pre lands, lip openings.
  8. Polish, Chrome-plate, Re-polish surfaces.
  9. Reassemble die to precise specifications.

Next Generation Screw, Barrel and Grooved Sleeve

If, Screw Design is Improper or Screw and Barrel are Worn Out, At Power Price of Rs.4.85 Per Unit and 8000 Hours Operation per year, Loss is Around Rs. 4 Lacks Per Year and Actual Loss would be Higher after accounting for Thermal Efficiency of Barrel. Refer our Technical paper on Screw. The Performance and service life of the Extruder is directly related to the Screw, Barrel and Sleeve geometry, and the Quality of steel used.

We manufacture Extrusion Screws, Superior in design, versatility and construction. These Screws maximize output and minimize melt temperature while adequately homogenizing the polymer melt.

Customer’s requirement could be met with selected high quality alloy steel materials, by introducing the latest technology, processed by advanced machinery, carried out by strict inspection, our products are highly precise and durable.

  • Excellent Melt Quality.
  • Better dispersive mixing.
  • Better physical properties.
  • Efficient use of shear for melting.
  • Fast Return on Investment (R.O.I).
  • Low Temperature Melting and Metering Process.
  • Highest and Stable Output with Less back pressure.
  • Minimum variation in Pressure and Melt Temperature.
  • Most Advantageous for Hard and Crystalline Polymers.
  • Minimized Compression peaks for temperature control.
  • Better control of resin shear stress and melt temperature.

In our Barrier Screw, Melt pool temperature are minimized by avoiding disportionate compression and screw working surface is fully utilized to apply shear only to un-melted particles. This produces more comprehensive melting and mixing.

O.E.M Replacements:

Our Aim is to fill a gap in the market where larger companies with higher overheads and more cumbersome organizational structures find it difficult to complete on versatility and service.

You can count on Us for Precise Reproduction of Geometry and finish of the original components that came with your machine.

We are always prepared for New Challenges. Today’s competitive environment requires additives to achieve specific requirement. These additives, coupled with higher output, as well as higher operating temperatures and pressures, create a more demanding wear environment on Screws and Barrels. This Wear is a consequence of abrasion, adhesion and corrosion.

To ensure high Quality, Stable and economical production of Plastic Products, Screws and barrels must be comprised of the proper alloys and precise dimension. In both metallurgy and engineering, we are constantly working on new solutions and product specific improvements.

A Single Partner:

We are a reliable partner when it comes to replacing your unit, to reducing wear in your systems, to increasing the output of your screws. In a nutshell : when you deal with us, you work with a single, experienced partner – from consulting and planning all the way through to production and installation. Real one stop solution provider.

Creating Value through Refurbishments / Regeneration of Screws and Barrels:

We regenerate / repair your all kind of Screws and Barrels Carefully and great reliability. Screws can be refurbished to the original dimensions by welding the flights with e.g. Satellite or Tungsten Carbide. Barrels are either Honed or re-nitride, or re-lined with a H.S.S bushing.

Technical Specification:

Screw : Diameter : 25 to 120mm
Length : up to 4,000mm

Barrel : Inner Diameter : 25 to 120mm
Length : up to 4,000mm
Tolerances : H7 (0.5) Honed.

Material : Nitro alloy Steel of High Quality.

Heat Treatment : Gas Nitriding.
Nitriding Depth : 0.5 – 0.8mm.
Surface Hardness : HV>900.