Innovative Technical Services/Consultancy

We are a different kind of Consultant in the market. Our Base of Providing Consultancy is to Change our Customer’s Profitability by Reducing the Cost of Production & Achieving the highest level of Quality in customer’s product. This single line speaks everything about us. We will continuously do a lot of things together like Preparing customized production charts, Technical parameter charts for machineries, Quality monitoring charts, Preventive maintenance charts with scheduling, Shop floor training to achieve the best, Periodical Presentations to key persons of the factory about latest developments & Technology. We also take entire Package of Consultancy- right from the Machine Selection to Final Quality Product Manufacturing. In nut shell, what we are receiving from the customer, we will re-embers it up to 4 times by Increasing their Profit.

We Provide Consultancy for following requirements.

  • Technical Consultancy to setup New Plant/Project
  • Technical Consultancy & Assistance for Successful Installation & Commissioning of Plant & Machinery
  • Technical Consultancy for new Product Development
  • Providing Technical Training
  • Complete Three Dimensional Assessment work for Plant & Machinery to Reduce Cost of Production

In current scenario processor can’t do anything on their raw material purchase price & more over less sales price of finished product. The only left out thing, where they can do something is In-House Production System to decrease the cost of Production; we do Three Dimensional Assessment of Machineries.

  1. Production Optimization
  2. Minimum usage of Power
  3. Wastage Management

The Cumulative effort of all three will give us guaranteed decrease in Cost of Production & which will increase the Profit of the Company.