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What is Air Bubble Sheet Line?

Air Bubble Wrap Sheets are translucent and flexible plastic sheeting with several tiny air pockets. The sheets are used to safeguard objects during shipment and storage and provide considerably better cushioning and scratch prevention than packing paper. The light weighted, water-resistant, reusable, non-scratching Air Bubble Sheet Line is used to pack fragile objects. It may be used to cushion items ranging in weight from light to heavy.

Few benefits of Air Bubble Sheet Line:

Electronic, electrical, glassware, equipment, car spare parts, and many more industries use Air Bubble Film Line as a wrapping material. The bubble-like protrusion characteristics of the air bubble sheet line material protect the items from abrasion and damage throughout various packing and shipping operations. The Air Bubble Film Line is a cost-effective way to provide safe stuffing material for both fragile and heavy items. The air bubble sheet machine can make sheets in a variety of sizes and lengths.

Why Heaven Extrusions?

Heaven Extrusion has been in this business from 15 years now. It has enough experience to provide you with the best quality products. We have been known for our high quality products, timely submissions, and customer satisfaction. This has made us reliable firm to get Air Bubble Sheet lines.

Application of Air Bubble Sheet Line

  • Electronic & Electrical Appliances
  • Glassware, Ceramic Products
  • Handicrafts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Engineering & Automobile Spare Parts
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Machinery Wrapping

Technical Specification

Plant Model Screw Size
Max Sheet
Max Production
Capacity (kg / hr)
Total Connected
Dimension Of Plant(Feet)
L            W            H
HEABS1000/80 90 1000 90 90 30            15            15
HEABS1500/90 100 1500 125 110 40            25            18
HEABS2000/90 105 2000 150 135 50            30            20

NOTE: The Information Is Provided For The Purpose Of Guideline & Indication Only And Doesn’t Form Any Kind Of Commitments.

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