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Hot Melt Coating Machine

Hot Melt Coating is the process of applying a fluid coating to a substrate by pre-heating/melting the applied material and then letting or forcing it to cool. This hardens the coated layer on the substrate, resulting in consistent results. Hot melt coating is an industrial coating method that is frequently utilized. The slot-die coating and metering rod or roller coating technique has been utilized widely for the application of adhesive layers. Heaven Extrusions' coating equipment is designed to offer exceptional precision for both continuous and intermittent hot melt coating dispersion.

Heaven Extrusions has a long history of developing and producing various types of specialty coating and impregnation facilities for our clients' diverse industrial processing demands. We have a lot of expertise designing and producing Hot Melt coating systems that are tailored to the size and processing needs of our clients' businesses. Heaven Extrusions' Hot Melt coating systems are constructed with high-quality internal and exterior materials, with careful attention paid to the ideal coat and even heat distribution.

Advantages of Hot Melt Coating Machine are as follows:

  • Water and solvent-free adhesives are environmentally friendly.
  • Coating with a light weight is required.
  • Dryer elimination / reduced energy requirements
  • There is no heat stress on the substrate.
  • High-speed production is feasible.
  • Coatings might be permanent or temporary.

Applications of Hot melt Coating Machine is as follows:

  • PET
  • OPP
  • PP
  • PE
  • Nylon
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Paper
  • Nonwoven

Technical Specifications :

Model WHM
Maximum Machine Speed 200m/min
Machine Width 1000mm – 2300 mm
Material Diameter Ø600 mm / Ø1200 mm

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