Heaven Extrusions

Plant Upgradation

Hi speed “MOVAC” Godets Roller Unit

We produce the most recent Movac Design Goddet Units at line speeds of up to 400 meters per minute. We produce all sizes and types of Goddet machines, including combination annealing and stretching units with leakage-free heating and cooling rollers.

Features and Advantages of Movac Godets Roller Unit

  • Our innovative design provides jerk-free and very smooth roller action.
  • Its rollers are Dynamically Balanced, heavy duty, and very accurate for smooth operation which are thoroughly grinded and hard chrome plated for longevity.
  • We provide both mirror and matt finishes. All the rollers are mounted on heavy duty 30mm. plate with solid structure.
  • It has a high-strength rubber roller and a smooth up/down pneumatic mechanism. For trouble-free transmission, we provide flat nylon sandwiched belts with flat pulleys.
  • For energy-efficient transmission, we provide in-line helical gear boxes. Branded In-line Helical Gear Boxes are available from us for energy savings and trouble-free operation.
  • It is appropriate for all tape manufacturing factories, regardless of size.

Flat die features:

  • Hard chrome plating using proprietary technique ensures the best surface        quality and flatness, with exterior die surfaces flash chromed.
  • Improved coat hanger die geometry with a larger cross section
  • Flexible die lip, approximate opening range of 0.0 to 1.0 mm
  • In accordance with International Standards for Accuracy of Film Gauge        Variation
  • Sealed edge design efficiently reduces waste formation, removes burrs, and        increases overall efficiency.
  • Our all Flat Die has body dimensions optimized for maximum mechanical        strength and thermal stability.

Die Remanufacturing / Reconditioning:

Extrusion processors are resorting to die reconditioning in today's competitive market. HEAVEN provides a comprehensive variety of reconditioning services, ranging from basic cleaning and inspection to extensive re-engineering.

Repair/refurbish the die to improve quality.

Next Generation Screw, Barrel and Grooved Sleeve

Heaven Extrusions produce Extrusion Screws that are superior in design, flexibility, and construction. These Screws optimize output while minimizing melt temperature and homogenizing the polymer melt sufficiently.

The customer's requirements could be satisfied using selected high grade alloy steel materials, processed by modern machinery, and subjected to thorough inspection. All products are of high-quality, durable and precisely designed according to the customers.

Features are as follows:

  • Better disperse mixing and physical properties
  • Effective use of shear for melting which gives low temperature melting
  • Fast Return on Investment (R.O.I).
  • Highest and most stable output with the least amount of back strain.
  • Pressure and melt temperature variations are kept to a minimum.
  • Most beneficial for hard and crystalline polymers.
  • Compression peaks have been reduced for thermal regulation.

O.E.M Replacements:

Our goal is to fill a market vacuum where larger firms with greater overheads and more complex organizational structures struggle to compete on flexibility and service.

You can rely on Us to reproduce the geometry and finish of the original components that arrived with your machine precisely. We are always prepared for challenging situations. Screws and barrels must be made of the right alloys and dimensions to guarantee high-quality, stable, and cost-effective manufacturing of plastic products. We are always working on new ideas and product enhancements in both metallurgy and engineering.

Technical Specification:

Screw : Diameter : 25 to 120mm

Length : up to 4,000mm

Barrel : Inner Diameter : 25 to 120mm

Length : up to 4,000mm

Tolerances : H7 (0.5) Honed.

Material : Nitro alloy Steel of High Quality.

Heat Treatment : Gas Nitriding

Nitriding Depth : 0.5 – 0.8mm.

Surface Hardness : HV>900.


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