Heaven Extrusions

What is Cast Film Extrusion Machine ?

HEAVEN Cast Film Line is a high-plasticizing, easy operating, long-life and energy saving cast film machine which is of our company accumulated experience on the manufacturing of cast film machine and actual operation of customers and combine foreign top technology to renovate. The machine is mainly used to produce Three layers LLDPE, LDPE, PE, and other cast film. The machine adopts the top intelligent industrial control system to ensure the operation is safe and easy, winding is more solid and smooth. Therefore, it ensures top product quality and the productivity; reduce the production cost to create bigger value. The main unit installed a shaking device to improve the smoothness of the web roll and appearance quality and make the products more competitive.

Heaven Extrusions makes sure:

  • It is of top quality
  • Enhances productivity
  • Helps to reduce the production cost
  • Ensures long lasting workability

CAST Film Extrusions Plant applications:

  • Packaging of food and textiles
  • Used in Flower Wrapping
  • As protectors of Photo album pages, to name a few.

Cast Film Line Optional Items

  • Micro-computer & Touch Screen Accurately Controlled Temperature        Controller.
  • Melt Gear Pump & PID Control System.
  • Fully Automatic Robot Hand Roll Change and Loading System.
  • Fully Automatic Continues type Screen Changer.

Exceptional features of Cast Film Extrusion Machine :

  • Higher production with consistent stretch film quality, superior by more than 30% to the same providers.
  • Higher speed, good optimum tensil, and anti-pricking film ensure that the machine produces a large amount of output.
  • To achieve uniform and good ductility film, good water cooling effect and imported die steel are used.
  • To regulate the layer thickness and evenness, a swing system was fitted.
  • The alloy screw has a unique mixing function and a high plasticizing design that combines an import static mixer to provide excellent plasticization, uniform colour, and increased extrusion capacity.
  • Fully automated and controlled by a PLC.
  • Imported top special mould steel is used in the Coat Hanger type T-die material. By using a very accurate technique and treatment, the T-die may be used for a long time with no distortion. In the meantime, ensures that material extrusion is smooth and steady.
  • Inside the cool roller, a two-way circulation design and a spiral flow path guarantee that the roller surface temperature is consistent.
  • The Winding Station may be moved forward and backwards. Uses a high-torque motor with automated tension adjustment on all four axes. Both the speed and the breadth of the film may be adjusted.

Technical Specification

Model Screw Size
Die Width
Film Thickness
Range in Micron
Max Line Speed
Max Prod.
Capacity (kg/hr)
Total Connected
Load (kw)
HSCFL/1250 50/65/50 1250 20 to 75 125 100 to 120 120 kw
HSCFL/1750 55/75/55 1750 20 to 75 125 140 to 180 150 kw
HSCFL/2250 75/90/75 2250 20 to 75 125 220 to 250 180 kw

NOTE: The Information Is Provided For The Purpose Of Guideline & Indication Only And Doesn’t Form Any Kind Of Commitments.

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