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Multi Layer Blown Film Machine

The blown film technique is used to make a wide range of goods, from basic monolayer bags to very sophisticated multilayer food packaging systems. Blown film co extrusion, which mixes two or more liquid polymer layers, can be used to create multilayer film structures. Tubular film is produced using HEAVEN's Multi-Layer Blown Film Line. The film can be used in the petrochemical and chemical industries for heavy-duty packaging bags on FFS automatic packaging lines. The goods are upright, attractive, strong, stackable, and prevent slide-down.

Few Salient features of it are as follows:

  • Different raw materials are combined to get one product
  • The cost of raw materials is reduced drastically
  • The current value of material control is equipped for the volumetric type dosing device to be more effective in each layer.
  • It could be regulated more precisely in the winding with the latest developed automated winder and equipped with the tension control mechanism.
  • In the same job, this machine could mix diverse qualities of plastic raw material.
  • With a calibration Basket type fixed ring, the bubble film might be covered at the circle's approach.
  • We are a multi-layer blown film extrusion professional manufacturer and experienced supplier.

Multi Layer Blown Film Line Applications:

Multilayer films are used for varied crucial application in flexible packaging, which demand vital film properties like dart impact strength, puncture resistance, hot tack strength, gloss, oxygen and moisture barrier etc.

  • Water Pouch Film
  • Milk Film
  • Edible Oil Film
  • Lamination Film
  • Liquid Packaging
  • Tea Packaging
  • Tomato Catch Up Packaging
  • Food Packaging Film
  • Stretch Cling Film
  • Shopping Bags, Grocery Bags, T-Shirt Bags
  • Liners & Lamination film for aluminum foil, jute paper and board
  • Liner for woven sacks, Cans and other industrial needs
  • Garment Bags and fresh producing packaging
  • Courier bags

Technical Specification

FEATURES Lay Flat Width 800 – 1100 mm 800 – 1250 mm 900 – 1600 mm
Film Thickness 20-150 micron 20-150 micron 25-150 micron
Max Output 150 kg/hr 160 kg/hr 200 kg/hr
Screw Dia.(mm) 45/45/45G 45/55/45G 55/55/55G

NOTE: The Information Is Provided For The Purpose Of Guideline & Indication Only And Doesn’t Form Any Kind Of Commitments.

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