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Rotogravure Printing Machine

Rotogravure printing machines are used in the manufacture and printing of flexible packaging, such as polyester, Nylon, Bopp, Foil, low and high density polyethylene polypro planes, and paper, with two-sided printing capabilities and high-speed hot air dryers. High-speed rotogravure printing machines offer greater flexibility and high-resolution colour combinations while printing at a quicker rate. Gravure printing is distinguished by its fast printing speed and outstanding print quality. It also has the advantages of a simple printing process, precise ink application, and the flexibility of printing machine configurations.

One of the most appealing aspects of Rotogravure printing is the high-quality image it produces. The density and width of the engraving, as well as the thickness of the ink, allow for a wide range of colour. Furthermore, the chrome-plated cylinders provide durability, allowing for high-speed printing and large manufacturing. Printing on polyethylene, polypropylene bags, cellophane, and roll paper is possible with a rotogravure printing machine. It's a type of suitable printing machine for making food packing bags, supermarket handbags, vest bags, and clothing bags out of paper. As a result, it's a highly attractive and high-profile machine.

Technical Specifications :

Model No. Working Width Unwinder Diameter Rewind Diameter Working Speed
HERGP 1101 500-1200 mm 800-1000 mm 600-800 mm Manual 70 – 90 mtr.
HERGP 1102 500-1200 mm 800-1000 mm 600-800 mm 3 drive 110 -150 mtr.
HERGP 1101 500-1200 mm 800-1000 mm 600-800 mm 5 drive 150 – 200 mtr.
HERGP 1101 500-1200 mm 800-1000 mm 600-800 mm Auto 250 – 300 mtr.

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