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Synthetic String Plant (Sutli Plant)

The plastic extrusion factory where plastic string is extruded is known as a synthetic string (sutli) plant. Plastic string is widely utilized, particularly in the packaging sector. Sutli plants made of plastic with a high production and low energy usage are needed. There are several synthetic string plants that employ PP synthetic jute, polyamides, and other materials to make string. Strings manufactured from natural materials such as coconut fiber and cat gut is being mainly replaced by synthetic string due to environmental, economic, and other concerns. Synthetic string machine manufacturers are continuously working to create synthetic string plants that will allow them to produce synthetic strings that can effectively replace natural-fiber strings.

What are the salient features of Synthetic String Plant?

  • Screw and barrel are nitrided, and are constructed of an unique nitro alloy        steel for long life and trouble-free operation.
  • This plant is cost-effective and consumes less energy
  • The thrust bearing is integrated within the helical gearbox.
  • Screen changer with a manual lever
  • All AC motors are synchronized
  • Strings produced would be of high quality and excellent strength
  • It is easy to use and costs low on maintenance
  • Band type heaters are of high density

Why Heaven Extrusions?

Heaven Extrusions offers a high quality selection of Synthetic String Plant. We make sure that innovative machines and sophisticated technology is used in all the process. Our provided string plant is carefully created by our specialists and is highly requested for various metallurgical applications. Our skilled workers create the provided string plant with the highest quality components and cutting-edge technologies. We also provide this string plant with a variety of technological features at competitive pricing. Synthetic String Sutli Plant made from sutli plant is far more durable than other materials. Making huge quantities of strings and line material with this equipment is a cost-effective alternative.

Alternatives of Sutli Plant:

  • Hydraulically Operated Platen Type Screen Changer
  • Fibrillation Unit
  • Extra Cheese Winder

Technical Specification :

Screw Size
Max Production
Load (kw)
HESP-65 65 60 18 50
HESP-75 75 90 24 65

NOTE: The Information Is Provided For The Purpose Of Guideline & Indication Only And Doesn’t Form Any Kind Of Commitments.

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