Heaven Extrusions

Monolayer Blown Film Plant

Our Company, Heaven Extrusions is one of the renowned names in the industry for Monolayer Blown film Plant. Monolayer Blown Film Plants are manufactured in line with industry requirements and are used to produce lamination grade films, ultra high barrier films, liquid packaging films; high dart FFS resin sacks films, meat and cereal packaging films, green house films, and silage and mulch films. Producing single layer barrier films and mono layer blown film lines using a mono layer blown film machine is a cost-effective investment. Monolayer blown film machine is the perfect choice for packaging businesses that demand increased output with little investment and power consumption, since this equipment provides a high-speed production solution.

Mono Layer Blown Film Plant Application:

  • Shopping Bags, Grocery Bags, T-Shirt Bags
  • Liners & Lamination film for aluminum foil, jute paper and board
  • Liner for woven sacks, Cans and other industrial needs
  • Refuse Bags, diaper films, packaging of dairy products
  • Construction Roofing sheet, Green House films,
  • Packaging of frozen foods
  • Wrappers for food products, laundry and Garbage bag.
  • Heat Sealed sterilized packages for surgical instruments
  • Health care packaging
  • Garment Bags and fresh producing packaging
  • Courier bags

Technical Specification :

Model HEBL-45
Lay Flate Width 300-700 mm 400-1000 mm 600-1200 mm 800-1400 mm 900-1600 mm
Film Thickness 20-80 micron 20-80 micron 20-100 micron 40-150 micron 50-150 micron
Max Output 55 kg/hr 65 kg/hr 120 kg/hr 150 kg/hr 200 kg/hr
Screw Dia.(mm) 45-G 55-G 65-G 75-G 90-G

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